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How Reading Great Fiction Makes You a Better Content Creator

Up to date Nov. 2, 2022

William Faulkner the moment said writers could enhance their techniques by researching other writers (and a little bit of osmosis): “Read everything — trash, classics, excellent and poor, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who is effective as an apprentice and scientific tests the learn. Study! You are going to take in it. Then generate. If it is very good, you’ll find out.”

In a the latest discussion in CMI’s LinkedIn team, Tamilore Sonaike supplied what she thought was an unpopular viewpoint – that information entrepreneurs ought to study far more fiction. Many team members chimed in to help her take.

Why is reading fiction so important for entrepreneurs? Nicely, when you think about it, a great deal of marketing and advertising relies on writing. “All advertising is material,” as the adage goes (blog posts, e-mail nurture strategies, landing web pages, ad copy, and even movie scripts).

Like novelists, marketers have a whole lot to acquire from exposure to a assortment of literature: “Marketing is all about empathy and storytelling, and great stories are proven to make us more empathetic and artistic,” Joe Lazauskas wrote in a blog for Contently.

But diverse forms of literature provide diverse gains – and some genres are far more powerful than many others in serving to you create unique capabilities.

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Here’s what to add to your looking through record to enhance your advertising chops.

Examine literary fiction to increase empathy

Fiction has the electricity to transportation. You inhabit characters’ minds, encountering firsthand their joys and sorrows. As avid readers know, it’s a deeply empathetic exercising.

Workout is a good term for the expertise. Like coaching a muscle mass, looking through literary fiction has been shown to strengthen one’s idea of head – “the human capability to comprehend that other persons keep beliefs and wishes and that these may well differ from one’s own beliefs and wishes.” Put just, principle of thoughts is the capability to set by yourself in an individual else’s footwear.

For entrepreneurs, the ability to imaginatively empathize with buyers is a massive artistic and aggressive benefit. Nonetheless as advertising and marketing has turn into additional info-driven, entrepreneurs have developed far more distant from their shoppers as human beings.

That’s why some scientists argue that redeveloping a perception of empathy is extra important than ever to marketing and advertising achievements. Reading fiction, it seems, could be a way to split previous practices and unlock more efficient, empathetic advertising and marketing.

A 2018 Journal of Consumer Investigation research uncovered that when designers had been prompted to envision how end buyers would truly feel, their get the job done was additional imaginative and innovative, whilst even now sensible.

Even while the analyze targeted on product structure, it has immediate implications for marketers, according to co-writer Kelly Herd. “[I]t could even help additional for individuals who are industry experts and tend to be really fixated in their individual thinking,” she wrote.

The sort of fiction matters, according to the research. Reading through literary fiction is additional efficient at creating empathy than looking through preferred fiction. Folks who read through excerpts from PEN or Nationwide E-book Award-profitable novels executed much better on principle-of-brain duties than those people who read through excerpts from Amazon bestsellers. (Nonfiction did not appear to be to make a lot change.)

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Proposed looking through

Look at out these latest award-successful literary fiction lists for your up coming empathy-boosting browse:

Study poetry to boost clarity and precision

The ideal information internet marketing composing is crystal clear and evocative. “Good writing has an aliveness that retains the reader studying from a single paragraph to the future,” writes William Zinsser in On Crafting Nicely, the vintage manual to writing nonfiction. “It’s a dilemma of working with the English language in a way that will accomplish the biggest clarity and energy,” he claims.

Nevertheless so much written content advertising and marketing crafting is the opposite of very clear and sturdy. It’s riddled with jargon and drained clichés. When audience come across content material that sounds like all the other marketing and advertising writing they have go through, their eyes glaze about. So significantly for shocking and delighting your buyers.

Mastering the English language is essential for crafting copy and content material that captures your reader’s notice. And there is no far better instructor of linguistic mastery than poetry. Just ask messaging guru Jeffrey Pease, who credits his achievements operating with Fortune 100 brands to the poetic ability of songwriting.

As he shares on the Fenwick blog site: “Spending nearly two a long time crafting tracks … honed a truly feel for brevity and clarity and the lightning that can come about when you acquire wild creativity and channel it into a sharp framework,” he mentioned. “It grew to become the core of what I brought to my job – a messaging construction and a bit of poetry to inhabit it.”

From poetry, marketers can master to use language more intentionally, engaging their visitors with very clear, concise, and intriguing phrase options.

Proposed studying

The Poetry Basis publishes, archives, and celebrates the most effective poetry in the English language. Its editors curate new highlighted poems every working day.

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Read the classics to discover compelling storytelling structure

Certain stories resonate across generations. Just appear at the sheer volume of flicks retelling Shakespearean plays and other classics. (Jane Austen’s Satisfaction and Prejudice by yourself has more than 15 cinematic, including a Bollywood variation packed with dance figures.) Numerous other movies do not straight adapt vintage literature but adopt acquainted frameworks, these types of as the hero’s journey.

These tales persist due to the fact they are emotionally fulfilling – they build tension and release it, however not generally in the means viewers expect. The ancient Greeks comprehended this well.

In Poetics, Aristotle defines “tragedy” (what we may well just call “drama”) as “an imitation of an motion that is severe, complete, and of a certain magnitude … by way of pity and worry effecting the appropriate purgation of these feelings.” We get our term for emotional launch – catharsis – from the Greek term for “purgation” or “purification.” An partaking tale heightens the readers’ stress and anxiety, then resolves it.

By looking at classic texts, content material entrepreneurs can learn important classes in storytelling construction. No matter whether you’re producing a web site post, customer tale, or video script, build stress, suspense, or anxiousness to pull your audience alongside on their way to a enjoyable resolution.

And this ending requires to be appropriate, not necessarily joyful. As scholar Rebecca Williams, “(A) joyful ending is a lot more about whether or not an ending fits with what came ahead of and no matter if it does that justice or not.”

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Recommended reading through

There are significantly way too a lot of classic literature suggestions than I can record. These are superior commencing details:

  • Shakespeare’s performs have designed a profound affect on storytelling. They’re finest eaten the way the bard intended: on phase. And this doesn’t automatically suggest you want to get tickets to a reside show — a lot of plays are available to stream on the net, this sort of as by the Royal Shakespeare Company.
  • Jane Austen’s six novels have shaped our cultural understanding of “happy endings.”
  • The Greatest Books of All Time provides a record you can filter based on the author’s country of origin, genre, and other filters.

Read through on and generate far better content material

For content marketers, examining has many rewards, which includes boosting empathy, elevating created communication, and improving upon storytelling abilities – all core to telling stories that will have interaction your audiences.

Both equally present day and basic literature offer you enduring classes to place into practice. And exercise is key: Not all techniques could translate properly from the page. But, as Faulkner mentioned, “If it is very good, you’ll find out.”

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